Handling method & warranty


The warranty period is six months. However, it applies only in Japan. Warranty from outside of Japan is not applicable.

Handling method

【Battery replacement】

1:You can also change the battery. Please refer to the following URL for the method of battery replacement.。
2:If you are unsure about battery replacement yourself, we recommend battery replacement at the watch store.
3:The first battery is the sample battery. The battery may run out early.


1:Our watch is non-waterproof.
2:If the watch gets wet, wipe it with a cloth and allow it to dry naturally.

【be careful】

1:Our watch is vulnerable to shock. 。

【Pressed flower】

1:The pressed flower clock is vulnerable to ultraviolet light.
2:The pressed flower is lightened by ultraviolet light.

【After service】

1:Although our shop only accepts after-sales service and warranty for people in Japan, we have refused the correspondence of people outside Japan.